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IKUSHU INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE ACADEMY(formerly JTC) was founded in November 1988 and began offering Japanese language instruction to international students in April 1990. Steeped in history and tradition, our school bases its educational concept on the twin pillars of “international flexibility” and “cultural fusion” and provides instruction focused primarily on Japanese language acquisition and the aspects of Japanese culture that form the context for learning the language. “International flexibility” is the ability to respect both Japanese culture and the culture of your homeland and to express yourself without being limited by ethnicity or national borders; “cultural fusion” is the process of absorbing a variety of cultures within yourself while remaining impartial to the relative merits and demerits of each of them, thus deepening your understanding of foreign cultures. We have created an environment where each and every student can acquire the Japanese language while mastering these two principles.
I want to do long-term study in Japan! I want to work in Japan! I want to live in Japan! In response to the many aspirations of our students, IKUSHU(formerly JTC) offers study courses which are each intended for a specific level of competency. We also provide guidance and advice to those individuals who will be continuing their education at a university, graduate school, or technical college and assist students in entering their subsequent school of choice.
Achieve linguistic proficiency and strengthen your knowledge of Japanese society while engaging in a comprehensive study of Japanese language and culture. Our entire faculty will continue striving to help you efficiently and effectively accomplish your goals for studying in Japan.


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